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Terms and conditions

The Terms And Conditions Of Our Website.
We have few terms and conditions that applies to all the users or visitors that what you can do or cant do, all in one it covers the rules and regulations for users or visitors in the term of using our website.
You can check all the information provided on the terms and conditions before accessing our website. Do not continue to use our website if you are fully agree with all the terms and conditions mentioned in the page.
Here are few points that you need to take a short look before using the website and must be agree of these items.

Cookies in the website

In same cases we use cookies in the website which has its major purpose is to collect the user information upon using our website but we dont keep them or store any datas if our visitors.

Links and Downloads

We are based on tech so we provide the information tutorial in the tech topic. Sometimes you need to goto the external link or download the app according to the tutorial and that might be sometimes harmful and frustatefull to you. That might bring or arise some issues and we do not take risk or have any responsibilities over the wrong outcomes after you visit any external link or downloads through our website.

Content Rights

You can visit our website but we have control over our content that are provided in the website. We have full rights over the contents that are provided in the website.
We own the all content and you are not allowed to use any of our materials or republish any content from our website. Sell and use of any materials that are stored in our website are not allowed.


All the tutorial provided in this website are for general purpose and we do not have full guaranty , realibility, accuracy in these information and we suggest you to full depend on these information in the website.

Before you access the our website or the content or materials provided in the website you need to be agree with all the terms and conditions of the website where we own the full rights and reserved.

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