Ways To earn money from YouTube

Ways To earn money from YouTube

There are plenty of ways to earn money through internet one of then YouTube has been ranked it top. YouTube has been a good option from earning through internet these days. 

Many people have took YouTube as a career option. Today in this article we gonna learn. How to earn money through YouTube? How YouTube pays you?

How to Earn money from YouTube?

First to earn money you need to post videos in YouTube. You need to create your own YouTube channel and shall post own content their which is more user friendly and Cleared one. Their are 2 main criteria you need to complete in order to earn money through YouTube!! They are:

i) 4000 watch hours must be completed

ii) 1k Subscribe Must Complete

These 2 points are the key points for monetization of YouTube channel. Once they are completed you can apply for monetization. 

How to apply?

Once you complete these factor you will see a monetization option on your YouTube dashboard and you can send it for approval.

How YouTube pays us?

It simple, Google Adsense, yes once your Approved for Their monetization factor you can apply for google Adsense. Form google Adsense YouTube shows ads in your videos and shows ads to public which generate Revenue in your channel. YouTube basically pays 1$ for 1000 views in any video tho it is dependent from which country your viewers are watching.It's different from country to country.

Ways To earn money from YouTube

1) Google Adsense

This is organic and effective way to earn money through YouTube. Once your YouTube channel hit 1k subscribe and complete 4000 watch hours you can simply apply for adsense and earn through showing ads in your video.

This is the best way you can earn money from YouTube. Rest of others methods are considered as the 3rd party earning where google Adsense is only one way where YouTube provides you the revenue.

It pays 1$ or less then 1$ per 1000 views. It depends on which country your views are watching from. USA has the highest CPC.

2)Brand promotion

You might have seen many YouTube saying download this? Use my coupon code? Use this? Sign up in this? Follow them? Yes this is what Brand promotion is said. Brand like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Cricbuzz, Daraz etc does the same. After you YouTube channel get Little attention or gain views and subscribe they may approch you for it.

3) Activating membership

After you cross 50k subscribe in your channel you get a option of Activating membership. You can simply ask audition for taking premium membership which cost money. In return you can provide them the premium video only members mode livestream and so on.

Along with membership you can earn money from superchat, super gifts by the audience.

4) Product and movies Review 

You have seen many other YouTuber doing this and yes they earn from this. You just take a phone or a camera just record yourself doing a product or movie review. You just simply explan their products their feature and how can you use them and so on.

These days promotion of applications and product has increased you can consider this process as third-party earing cause YouTube doens't directly pay you the organisation you promoted pays you.)

 5)Affiliate marketing

This is also a effective way of earning money from YouTube. You can choose Amazon, Daraz, Alibaba as a Affiliate marketing. By simply promoting their products in your site you can earn money. 

If a user saw the ads in your site related to these products and he offers to buy you will get some amount of commission as reward.

6)Dragging the Audience to different platforms 

If you have good number of traffic in your YouTube channel then you can drag your audience to different social media and you can earn from it. You can send those traffic to the Instagram, facebook, tiktok, website etc.

Dragging your audience to the difference media could make your revenue a plus point. Earning from different platforms can be a another option.

You can drag the same audience to your merchant shop and insist them to buy the merchant and your products.

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