Top Reasons why Android is better than Iphone

Top Reasons why Android is better than Iphone

 There is a wide use of smartphone these days. According to the sources a individual spends 7 hours of screen time per day. Coming to the smartphones they have been over developed over few years. Realising of new brands and they facilities been compitition in market. About the competition, Android and IOS are two mobile working system popular in market currently.

According to the data, Android currently active users are about 2.7 billion which makes the greatest actively mobile working system of 72% worldwide. Where as in other hand, IOS has 211 millions users active. 

Comparing both system, they have their own circle of benifits but in this article we are going to talk about why Android is better then Iphone. We have listed why:

Reasons why Android is better than Iphone

There are high number of users actively using Android globally compare to Iphone. Why is it so? There are penalty if reasons why but one of the major reason could be the price.

Let's see the reasons why Android is better than Iphone:

1) Battery Backup

The probability major reason why Android is  better than Iphone. Android have the best battery backup compare to the IOS. 

Once you, Fully charged your Android to 100% it could last up to 8-9 hours( depends on battery Mzh) and in the same hand iphone could last less then the Android. The battery life of Android phone have 2-3 years where iphone have system of battery health where you may face problems from 80% battery health.

You may have seen iPhone users carrying a power bank with them. Android users don't need these (if there isn't any emergency cases)

2) Affordable 

Here is a another major reason why Android is better. The cheapest Price of Android make greedy to the users. Android is way affordable than iphone. An average user doesn't consider iPhone as their starting smartphone. 

In price of latest iphone, you could buy 15 Androids phones. iPhone cost up to 1000$ whereas, android comes with 120$ with starting price. Thought it different from countries but it's affordable in various countries.

Due to it's price affordability, Android have more users than iphones.

3) Enough Application 

Coming to the application, Android have Google Play Store and iPhone have Appstore. 

Android provides you the Excellent number of applications in their platform. Where as, you may have to pay few charges to download application from App store. It's not like Android charger, Android does charge in few applications but not far as iphone.

According to the recent data, Google Play Store has about 2.7 million application available in their platform where Appstore has roughly 1.6 million application.

iPhone doesn't let you download application from random platform it could be the plus point for IOS but Android let's you download any kind of applications from plenty of platform.

4) Large number choices

Android provides you the plenty number of choice in ther smartphone. You could buy any company's phone having Android working system with different features on it. 

Popular companies in Market i.e( Oppo, Vivo, Redmi, Samsung etc) but iPhone have a limited number of choice i.e( Iphone 6, 7, 9 , X - 14).

Android is choosed by many companies but the iphone is made by Apple.

5) Easy User-Interface

Coming to the consumption of Android, Android have easy and quite impressive UI compare to iphones. The settings, widgets are slightly easy to use and implement where as iphone have a complex way to handle these things. 

There are still some hidden features available in iPhone which there user have no Idea where as Android have a basic and the user can find the hidden features by them self.

A user who used iphone before switches to Android won't be Able to handle Android easily it may take time and it's same with the iphone too.
Android interface is customisable, you can change the appearance of your android where in other head you can't customized the iPhone's interface.

6) Multitasking 

Users need to do Multitask in ther device. You can play games in android while listening to the music where as you can't find the same features in iphone. Where in these days iphone has been developed you can do some limited multitask in phone too but not quite good as a Android

You can run multiple tabs, windows in android where as you can't find the similar features in iphone which makes android a comfortable and better than Iphone 

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