Top 5 sites to make C.V online for free 2022

Top 5 sites to make C.V online for free 2022

Applying for job have been hard these days. For people job you need to look like professional. Being professional can make a way to your dream jobs. Company issue vacancy to participate in their jobs. But first they ask for Resume. When a Word comes Resume You might Think ok C.V it not what is look like.

There are others serval types of Resume i.e( Cover letter, application form. Here in this article we gonna have a look at 5 sites which helps to make your C.V in few minutes.

Top 5 sites to make C.V for free.

There are thousands of platform where you can make you C.V among them we have short listed 5 let's have a look:

1) is a free Resume making tool which you can operate in both desktop and mobile phone. You can make your desired C.V,  Resume, Cover letter with the help of is simply to use visiting the link you can find out a demo video which will teach you how to create you C.V in Few minutes

You'll have to create an account in order to use this feature and after creating a account just fill up the bar with (Name, address, contact number etc)


Zety is quite famous for it different types of facilities. Compare to other C.V makers Zety has many options and more features. Zety simply provides simple U.I( User interface) to make their user simple to use.

You'll just have to create an account which is for free and you can have access to their facilities. The most and good part of is it's simple U.I which makes User easy to use. 


The most used site to create C.V globally is Canva offers you to create C.V, Cover letter, application form for free. With Availability of free template you can create you own design. It is basically a graphic design tool.  Not only C.V offers you edit your photos. 

If you in search of Good Resume builder then you should definitely check-out due to it unlimited numbers of template which you can see free and premium both. 

Staying on web, Canva also have a mobile application which is as same as desktop version


A another site which allows you to make C.V for free. Resumeyard is completely ads free and free to use. is a US-based resume writing company. Along with free template you can use their premium service which starts with 99.99$ 

You can customise their templates and use as you need. Different templates are available for different types of job seekers. As like rest you'll have to create an account to create C.V

5) is an another free C.V maker site. Cvmkr allows you to create C.V for free. Talking about it UI. It is quite made for desktop version. Mobile user may face some difficulty to operate it but the task won't be compared. 

You can choose from a variety of templates and add your photo, contact details, address and so on. allows you to put link in your C.V where by clicking a link you can redirect to the given link which is more convenient and fast

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