6 application that every YouTube should have in 2022

6 application that every YouTube should have in 2022

Everyone knows how popular YouTube platform is there are millions of users and YouTube channel. Have you dreamed about creating a YouTube channel and making money through it? Ofcourse you did because YouTube is a free platform, No matter what's your skills are you can earn fame and money through this platform

In this date, There is a lot if competition on this field. The question is do still people choose YouTube as a career? Do still people get success from YouTube. The simple answer to these questions is 'YES'

In this article we gonna talk about 6 application that every YouTuber should have to rank there videos in top:

6 application that every YouTube should have.

Whole playstore is full of serval application where they guarantee to provide legit way to rank you YouTube video's in top. There is no such way that you can rank you videos in top. To YouTuber you'll need to be patient and  consistent. 

Along with serval things you'll need some tools which may leads you the way, below there are 6 application which may helps you:

1) YouTube Studio 

YouTube Studio is a creation of Google itself. YouTube personally recommends you this application. YouTube Studio provide Serval facilities for your YouTube channel growth, the overall actual views, The actual watch time, proper statistics of your videos, actual subscribe of your channel. 

YouTube Studio compare your revenue to your previous days, past months which may helps and motivates you to do more. The actual Revenew you generate in a month, the total watch time in you single videos etc.

You can find YouTube studio in playstore/ Appstore for free.  

2) Intro-Maker

Intro-Maker by ryzenrise is a tool which you can find in playstore/Appstore for free. To look more professional in your videos you'll be needy of Intro and Outro videos in your videos. 

Intro-maker helps you to add intro and outro in your videos. The background sound, title over the videos, brand logo etc

Intro videos refers to the video which is show in starting of your video which clearly shows your brand name, your logo and whatever you want to present. 

Outro videos refers to the videos which is shown in the end of the video the ending dialogue, logo or anything you wanted to. 

3) YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a another application which is created by Google. YouTube music is freely available in playstore. YouTube music provides you the allover music available in YouTube. From this application you can download music and add in your videos.

Music makes your video more interesting and enjoyable to watch. Many YouTuber uses Non-copyright music in there background to sound more professional. 

4) Capcut 

Are you struggling to edit videos in mobile. Or do you lack of desktop then Capcut gonna be the perfect shoe for your leg. Out of Millions app we choosed Capcut because it is very basic to use and User friendly.

Newbie who are struggling to edit there videos they can surely recommend Capcut. Capcut allows you to edit your videos in HD, 3k and 4k. The quality and Quantity you'll get from Capcut you won't get it anywhere else.

We highly recommend you this tool if your are struggling to make and edit your videos through mobile phones.  

5) Thumbnail Maker

Thumbnail are the most important part of your video, when your video get listed in top place people click your video seeing thumbnail. Thumbnail are the first impression of your video. Thumbnail represent the main motive of your video from outside. 

Thumbnail Maker by CA Publishing is one of the best tool to make thumbnail. It is freely available in playstore where you can simply login and create account and work on it. 

6)Tube Buddy 

Last but not least, Here we have Tube Buddy which is kinda similar to YouTube Studio but there are some extra features which you won't find in YouTube studio. 

You can see the difference and increasement in your subscriber. Also connecting to your YouTube channel from Tube Buddy you can reply to the comments, edit comments and like the comments. You can schedule your YouTube video for future. If your are busy to post the video you can simply schedule to the desired date to publish it.

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