Top 4 Internet service providers in nepal!!

Top 4 Internet service providers in nepal!!


In this century where internet has been an essential part of a daily life. Have you ever wondered where the internet came from? Or wo provides the internet in your hand to hand? So in today's article we gonna have a short discussion in ISP brands in nepal.

History of ISP in nepal

So you might have been wondering why nepal? Nepal has a poor economy system as we all know internet in nepal was launched at late 20's. So there are above 60 lakh  internet users in nepal till date and These 60 lakh users use different-different ISP(Internet Service Providers) according to their needs and their packages. Among them till 2079 B.S only 40 active ISP have been able to stand in the market. Among these 40 ISP's we gonna talk about the Top 4 ISP inside nepal who holds the large users and they capacity.

Top 5 ISP's

1) Worldlink

If you are a citizen of nepal and if you use internet in your daily basis then Their is no any chance's you haven't heard about this Broadband company. This is the largest Internet Service Provider in nepal. It was established in 1995 A.D. Dileep Agrawal is the Founder and Owner of this broadband. Till date Worldlink Have 6,23,850 active users in nepal which makes this brand a largest ISP in nepal. Along with 2000+ Business account. They provide you the best internet service inside the country. You may have also heard people saying a phase "chito venako worldlink" which says that "if you want fast internet, that's worldlink"

Here you can see the whole internet package with world link broadband service where they do provide TV set-up and more

How To Contact worldlink?

Contact number: 01-5970050

2) Classictech

The second largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in nepal which has about 2,11,147 active users. You can totally see the difference between the worldlink active users and the Classictech active users. There is a wide diffrence. Founder and Owner of Classictech aka Pramesh Kharel says "this broadband service was specifically build for remote area and the fastest internet service. GPON technology was firstly introduced by this broadband which helps users to use internet through optical fibre in cheaper price. If you are looking for speed internet with cheap price you should definitely check-out Classictech once

Where there is best offer or cheap internet service Classictech have won heart of alot users and what makes them the 2nd largest ISP in nepal

How To Contact Classictech?

Contact number: 980-1006633


Moving on to the Next we have the Subisu Broadband which has about 2,04,812 active users. There is a quite competition between Classictech and Subisu but there path are totally different. Along with ISO Subisu is more famous for there TV internet service. Back to the years this brand wasn't even in top 50 but with their intresting offers nd ideas they have managed the way to the 3rd largest ISP in nepal. It was introduced in 2001. They are well know for Their Digital TV service. Internet and 270+ channel under their service.

How to contact Subisu?

Contact number :  01-4235888 ,9801235888

Address: Kathmandu, Nepal

4) Vianet 

Moving on the next we have Vianet. The suitable for small family. This isn't very popular but has managed to be in top 5 list. Vianet has 195,122 active users at current time. Which makes this broadband the 4th largest ISP in nepal. Vianet was established in 1999 in nepal which is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Binay Bohra which is the owner of the vainet.

How to contact Vianet?

Address: Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Bagmati Pradesh

 GPO Box: 8975 EPC 1674

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