6 Solutions if Google Play Store is Not Working

6 Solutions if Google Play Store is Not Working

Are you facing some sorts of "Code Error can't install application" while downloading apps from Google Play Store? Then Continue reading this, these points could help you out. 

Are you facing such kinda problem "Error Code:910, Error Code: 510? It's been a common problem these days. But have you wondered why? What's the reasons behind this and what's the perfect solution for this?

How to Solve the Google Play Store troubleshoot?

1) Re-Boot your Device 

The best and quick thing you could do is to reboot or restart your device. Not for Only the troubleshoot, Rebooting your device once a day can make your smartphone work smoothly. The Rebooting your smartphone means Re-strating your O.S(Operating System). 

Here is the thing, many people get confuse about Re-start/Reboot and Reset. Don't get confused, Re-start/Reboot simply means turing your smartphone off and turning it on but Automatically and Reset means Earasing the whole data and everything from your smart phone. So don't get confused, if you face troubleshoot then Rebooting your smartphone can be a best solution you could do.

2)Check Your Storage

The major reason why you were having a troubleshoot might be due to your internal storage Full. "Device is running slow. Some system function will be unavailable " As the notice your device has filled the internal storage. What's the solution for this?

The solution is simple as you can implement it:

i) Delete Un-wanted Files, photos, videos

We never check our Smartphone, we download things, we click photos, we flim a lot of videos and let it be there. Deleting those unwanted old photos, files and videos which are not useful anymore can reduce your storage and your system can fuction properly. 

While if you are a Android user you could get a option for deleting your Duplicate photos which are repeated twice 

3) Clear your Playstore Cache and data from app settings

If Rebooting your device didn't worked then, the actual problem isn't with your Device it's with the app itself. Clearing Data means Re-setting your playstore as new one. The cache clears means clearing the outside unwanted data. So by clearing these two things "Data & Cache" could be the key to the door.

4) Remove your Google Account 

Google Play Store needs A gmail/Google account to run the app without Google account we won't be able to download anything from the app. By removing your Google account from your device and Re-adding the same Google account could be an option too. Many people find this as a fast solution, All you have to do is to remove your Gmail account and Re-add it.

5)Check your Internet Connection 

Without internet downloading applications from Google Play Store is not possible. If your are seeing the troubleshoot problems then your internet connection must be Slow In speed or the internet connection must be lost. So checking the internet and resetting the internet cable could be a possible way.

6) "Help & Feedback"

Tried all the possible things but couldn't get rid of the problem? Then the final and possible way to get rid of this problem could be contacting to the "Official" You get a option of "Help and Feedback" in your Playstore application there you can write down your problem what are you facing and the team could gave a possible solution for it.

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