5 things to consider while using mobile banking

5 things to consider while using mobile banking

It been a while internet has came in our life. Internet has made the living life simple. Along with technology diffrent features and many more. Internet has a lot of credibility. So hey fellas in this blog we gonna talk about mobile banking, Have you used mobile banking? Do you knows it's features? Are you more likely to use mobile banking app then this article is for you.

Few years ago people used to struggle to make bank work done. People have to use cheque book with them to withdraw the cash but suddenly a change cames a big one Mobile Banking. What is it and Things to consider while using mobile banking?

What is Mobile Banking?

Today's generation banks are almost totally dependent on computer. "Wireless banking transactions i.e funds transfer, checking of account balance and the payment of the bill which can be done through smart phone with the help of internet is know as mobile banking " 

The Bank you are oriented into provides you the username and Password (tho which you can
re-set later on) which you have to login in through their app or Website and you can have access to your bank account wirless

Why mobile banking is necessary?

Mobile banking service has played a huge role in this ERA. This era is know for "Era of technology"
where eveyone is busy in their business. So they don't have enough time to visit bank make a cheque and pass it own instead Mobile Banking has made it more convenient while sitting at your own house you can pay your bills, book a movie tickets you can transfer funds and so on

6 things to consider while using mobile banking?

1) Do not login your mobile banking in other's phone 

This is the major mistake people do they simply login their mobile banking in other's personal phone. It is not right, you may trust them but you shouldn't trust them with your banking business. You must only login your mobile banking in your own personal phone

Their are a lot of side effects in this, firstly they came to knew your login password, secondly they can have access to your funds they can manipulate your funds whenever they want tho they will be needed 4 digit pin-code for every transaction they made but the Transaction History can be manipulate, bills receipt can be downloaded in their phone and they can have a negative use of it

If you had done this mistake already, logging your own personal banking in other's phone Here are the simple steps you can do to avoid to be things go wrong:

i) Change your Password

ii) Remove your account from there phone

iii) Call bank and Tell them to disable your mobile banking for a while

iv) Change your 4 digit pin-code 

2) Do not repeat the transaction again and again

Mobile banking runs with the help of internet and sometimes internet may goes down or sometimes bank servers may go down or get slow and in that period of time if you made a transaction and your receiver party didn't received the fund but the fund from your has been cutted of already then don't Repeat that transaction again and again. If you do that your transaction can be made twice automatically so don't repeat once you did

Check your transaction history once after you made a payment if the receipt in your transaction history has already came but the receiver hasn't received then wait for a while. Things to do if this problem occurs:

i) Don't get panic

ii) Wait for 5-10 mintues

iii) Make a call to the bank

iv) Save or Download the Transaction History 

3) Clear the application once you used it

After every transaction you made or before every transaction you make don't forget to clear it from your mobile phone recent history. As shown in the above video you can do the same. You would be wondering why? 

Because many 3rd party try to get access to your mobile banking through different spy, malware virus but if your clear it from your smart phone your smartphone automatically protection it from virus by it Virus Protection.The transaction duration can be fast if did so. 

4) Save the Transaction bill or Receipt

After the transaction is made you should save that transaction so you can use that later as a bill or you can download it as a pdf file in your mobile device and print ot out if it's for business firm you have to keep everything online and offline records. 

If the receiver already received the fund but he/she denied that then you can your transaction history or saved receipt as a evidence

5) Change your Password or Pin-code once a while

To transfer any fund these two things are important the login password and username for access and pin code for transaction request
So changing your password and pin code can make it more secure for your account. 

Changing your password in every 6 months i.e twice a year can be good at all but changing frequently may lead you to forget your own password so twice a year can be a best option for you.

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