5 Mistake You are making as a SEO and how to avoid it?

5 Mistake You are making as a SEO and how to avoid it?

So many of you have heard a Term "SEO". What really is SEO? Moreover SEO is know as Search Engine optimization. Google have some niche and if we follow that niche our site may list in top of the Search results box. So indexing your site according to your content quality and niche is know as Search Engine optimization (SEO). 

SEO is a basic thing required to hold a successful online carrier. No body knows the SEO's niche how Google index your site or how they value it. So in this article we gonna talk about 5 top mistake you are doing as a SEO.

Everyone want's their site to be ranked in no.1 but nobody wants to put efforts on it. People want fast results so in-sort of gaining it they do everything that is possible and which is fast. So While having this, they make mistakes mistake's like 'Black hat Trick ' which are unethical or illegal too. So let's discuss the top mistake you are making as a seo.

5 Mistake you are doing as a SEO

1) Duplicate Content

This could be the major mistake you are doing it, copying others content or posting duplicate content to increase the quantity of your post.
Many people do this mistake knowing that Google won't know about this, they do know about everything

Many people copy others content and use some AI tool to re-spin it and make it a new looking content which isn't plagiarised and post it on behalf of their own. That's what we call "Black Hat Trick"

How to avoid?

Following a niche, and posting it by own can be the perfect solution for this. To get adsense approval your content must be unique. Many people say's it all about the traffic in the site but sometimes it isn't being a unique content can make your site rank in the top search bar.

2)Paid Link Schemes

In every 100 you will find 99 people doing of this due to lack of content quality they get less traffic and they paid some organization to send huge number of traffic in there site. As a SEO specialist this is unethical and Some sort of illegal too. The huge traffic you get are bots. Some private company insure you to pay them and they will add Backlink to boost your traffic in similar typed of website 

Backlinks are the "URL" that will lead it to your site. Let's Take "A" as a Scammer company So if "A" has a lot of traffic in his site then if he build your Post's URL in his site then some amount of traffic will leads in your site too which URL are knows as Backlinks.

Although this method can bring you a huge amount of traffic but it is worthless why? Because this is unethical as according to adsense

How to avoid?

The perfect solution of building backlinks is by creating high-level of content. It can be the major solution to all kind of problems posting high quality content is the best thing you can do.

3) Avoiding Spam Comments

This is another major problem we can seen. Internet have many bots( unreal traffic) which come to your site and promote their own site, business and that not good. This isn't a mistake by you, you can't stop them but Avoiding them isn't a solution too. You must ban them, delete the spam messages in general you can report them as well.

4) Using A.I tools 

Every 3rd person make this mistake. Using serval AI tools to write article can be the worst thing you can do. Google knows the AI format they will Reconsider it in a minute. Google has placed a lot of bots over internet. According to recent survey, it has been found many publisher copy the article from 3rd party and they use the spinbot AI tool to spin their article phases and make them in to new

Doing research could be fine but Copying out article and Using AI tools. Or bot to increase the article traffic or quality can be a Un-SEO technique.

How to avoid?

The question come's here how to avoid it? Here a simple trick to avoid doing mistake like this. Instead of using A.I use physical available resources for your work like reading books, taking advice, taking courses etc

5) Not following a niche 

This might be a mistake but Google doesn't really care about it. Like if your website's must focus in a niche to be listed in google ranking. If you use your website to provide political news you must follow the political niche as if your website in on digital Marketing niche then it must follow the same niche. It not nike you picked a random topic and start writing about it. You must follow a niche

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