What is Content Management System (CMS)? 6 best CMS platform? Startup for CMC!

What is Content Management System (CMS)? 6 best CMS platform? Startup for CMC!
If you are familiar to website system and if you are a content writer then you might have Heard about Content Management System knows as CMC in short form But have you ever thought of if? What really is CMC? Is this necessary? How does it helps us? In this article you gonna have a quick knowledge about this

What actually is Content Management System (CMS)?

You can find a way more better definition than mine but i might be the fitting shoes for you legs. Hear me out!! Simply it is a software that helps users create, manage, and modify content on a website without the needy of any specialized technical knowledge. It's basically a simple tool that helps you to to build a website without needing to write all the code.

Beyond websites, you can also find CMS for other functions like documents management. 

What is ECM?

ECM knows as Enterprise content management is a example supports multiple users in a collaborative environment by integrating documents management, digital asset management and record retention them out.

What represent WCM?

Alternatively, WCM(Web content management) is the collaborative authoring for website & may include text, graphics, photos, video etc

Features of CMS(Content Management System)

1)Content creation

2) Content storage

3)Workflow management

4Free publishing

Why to use CMS?

◾One major reason to use CMC is it's collaborative nature. Multiple and multiple users can log in and contribute, shedule and edit the published content. 

◾ UI is browser-based

◾ Can be accessed from anywhere by any amount of users

◾ Don't need any high Qualification to operate

◾ Quicker and easier to publish new content 

What technically makes up a Content Management System?

On a depth technical level, a CMC is made up of two core parts:

1) A content management application (CMA)- this is the core part that allows you to actually add, remove and manage content on your site.

2) Next, a Content Delivery application aka (CDA)- this is the back-end process that takes the content you input in the CMA, holds it properly, make it public to your traffic.

Best CMS platforms you looking for?

Are you confused or bothered which CMC platforms is good enough? then this could be the shoes for your feet. While there are hundred of CMC platforms out there but in this article we only gonna talk few and best from them hundred;

⚫ WordPress

There is no way you haven't heard about WordPress if not then you are less aware about the internet. It is what it is!! WordPress has been a great CMS platform since lately. WordPress is far the most popular CMS platform, According to the recent Data, The WordPress CMS poses over 32% of all the website on the internet globally. There is ton of reasons why you should you use WordPress but we gonna talk that the other some day. For now it's easy to learn, flexible, and SEO friendly.

⚫ Blogspot

There is no way we forgetting blogspot in our list. Infact it's should be listed in the top but there is some reason it isn't. So hear me out, if you, want to start blogging, write your own things then Blogspot provides you the best, fast and secure. It's not like others are not worth it but compare to others you may like it Why? Cause it's friendly to the users and it provide over 70+ template which you can get it for free. You don't need to be perfect in coding to start in this, HTML and CSS Little knowledge may could help you a lot. If you Right Now seeing this article or reading this then it was prepared in blogspot and posted in blogspot you can evaluate yourself.


Drupal once used to hold the whole CMS but after the time changes the trend also got changed many people might not have a knowledge about this CMS platform but it is one if the best and free platform for Newbies and Professional. In terms of your own hosting it is costless. It's an advanced administration panel, that totally helps you out to control the presentation of your content. Out of the box, it is Faster, secure and supports 69+ language. 


Magento is an another CMS platform you find through out the internet, it slogan "Designed for Growth, Built for Flexibility" says a lot. If you are insisting for e-commerce subjective then Magento hold the best performance at all. It basically comes with 2 version in it- a free self hosted community version and many premium services. What makes the large businesse site is it's top-notch speed, security and scalability which Magento hold the 1st rank. Throw for multisite support, and it can be the best CMS platform for any business site. It provide the best and secure payment system like; paypal, credit -card , debit-card and so on. But out of a topic magento could need basic web development knowledge which can be a little more difficulty for Newbies out there but that's really no reason why Newbies shouldn't give a try.


Square Space is always ready to use for the better vison for any kind of website weither it's shopping store, book store, news, sports anything you could desire for. It kinda simple compare to others every newbie can have a try out in this. Let's keep a side, and let's have a look of it's one cool feature, it comes with social Media integration, what's the catch? Your builded website will come along with a subdomain and will be located on Squarespace 's server. Though you get to choose a wide range of cool and premium templates and modules, you are pretty much stuck and confuse with what you get. You can select your own template according to your needs.


You might have heard this name once in your entire life. It wasn't that popular but lately many audience has approached it and it said to be good. You might have heard this name in Google, YouTube, tiktok, Facebook cause Why not? They have made a campaign aka turned so many ADS in everywhere 

They had run so many ads and they are well known now. It work much same way as square Space. WIX's step-by-step wizard combined with hosting solution turns website building into a fun-time period activity.

How to get started with your Chosen Content Management System (CMClS)?

With the exception of square shape and WIX, all of the above Platform are self hosted they provide you the sub domain like .blogspot.com,
.wordpress.com etc. That means to get started with one you'll need to:

1) Purchase web hosting and a domain name

2) install the CMS software on your Chose hosting

3) Set-up the CMCS's settings to control style, functionally

What kinda website can you build with those Content Mangement System?

Now a days it's been common having a website, if you want it for your business proposal weither personal you can build it through these platforms cause why not they easily provide you the best and choose able template according to your needs.

For example you can use WordPress to power up:

◾Static websites
◾ eCommerce Stores like: Amazon
◾ Social Network
◾ Membership site 

It can be created in any platform easily just tooked wordpress as a example 

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