How to earn money online??

How to earn money online??

   Helloo, guys in today's article we gonna talk about how you can easily earn money through online? Their are a lot of good platform and people who can provide you a simple and quick job. You can ear through different mediums but in this article we gonna talk about few of them. How and where you can earn money easily in 2022? Let's begun:

How To Earn Money?

1) Freelancing

2) Affiliate marketing

3) Blogging / Content writing

4) YouTube

5) Tiktok

6) Video Editing

7) Graphic Design

8) Crypto Currency Trade

9) Online background voice artist

10)Sell and Buy NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

How you can earn from these?

1) Freelancing

This is one of the best and quick way to earn money. This platform let your for different organisations and diffrent people. Basically freelancing is a platform where you can find online jobs and you can select anyone and can work in it. You also can work as a part-time, contract wise and a Full Time Too. Many famous jobs providers like: Upwork and Fiverr are examples of Freelance these big name provides you a chance to work for them. It's depends on your talent.

2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically a platform which you get a chance to provide traffic for the organization. You may have seen many YouTube, influence promotion a app, website, Yes they get paid for it. In others words you can say a brand promotion or a sponsorship. They provide you cash according to the traffic. In this process you task is to Provide traffic for them. The more traffic the more money you can earn. You can simply earn few hundred dollars by it but if you're are good influence and you can provide many traffic as they wanted then the cash figure can be in 6 digit too.

3) Content Writing

This is another simple way to earn money. You get a lot if platform where you can write your own content like Blogger and WordPress. In this you can write your own content or you can simply work for others by writing content for them. If you wanna start your own blogger or wordpress. You may can make this as your career too. Some platforms provides you the free work of doman and in other hand you can buy your own doman and work on it. Simply you can say you are running a website. Here in this Article You can find how you can get adsense approval in your blogger or wordpress. Once you get adsense approval you can earn through it.

4) YouTube

This is a platform where you can't care how are you? How old are you? What is your talent? You can simply create a YouTube Channel and start posting your videos there. In this platform you can find anything starting from cooking food, Review videos, Technical vidoes, Comedy videos, Helth and fitness videos, Gaming videos, Live stream, Reaction videos anything, simply record it and post it. One you Monetize your channel you can earn revenue according to your videos views. YouTube pays 1$ for 1000 views by running ads in your videos. Once you get attention in your channel you can earn by others medium too like: Brand promotion, Members subscription

You can make video related to different topic. You may have to invest in some caterogy and in some you no need to invest. You simply can provide your time and make it as career in it.

5) Tiktok

Here is another platform you can earn money. This platform is same as YouTube. But Tiktok doens't officaly pays you yes if your are brand connection for tiktok they might pay you but Earning from tiktok you have to stay live and receive gift. You have to host a live in tiktok and in that duration you can play game and earn gift. You can simply increase the followers of those who send you gift. Once you recieve gift you can trade that to tiktok offical and you can sell them and earn money. Yes, you can earn from views as well as but the revenue is very low of tiktok video views

If you have a good followers then Yes, you can also earn money from tiktok by doing brand promotion.

6)Video Editing

This is one of the popular way to earn money online. There are a kot of people company who xan heird you if you are well known about video editing. In this platform you must have to be professional to earn money. For this you just need a good PC or you can edit through mobile phone. But to earn in huge digit number you must have a good PC( Detkop). Many YouTuber who knows to make video but can't edit you can also be hired by them. You can use different app to edit which are free in Play Store like: Capcut, Filmora go, Alightmotion etc.

7)Graphic Design

This is one of the popular way of earning money in 2022 through online. This work need experience to earn more money. Roger (Begging) can learn graphic designing by take classes, practice, watching YouTube videos etc. 

Logo Design also lie under this. You can simply design logon for starting company and if your are professional in graphic you are familiar with these then you can also teach others how to do so and can also strat online class and can earn fee from that.

8) Crypto Currency Trade

This might also be a good way if earning but in some countries this is said to be illegal so according to your country you can strat doing Crypto Currency. In others words crypto currency is a digital money which you have to buy with your actual money. You might be in loss or profit it depends on share holders. Crypto currency is basically Bitcoin. Well known Currency like: Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, Dogecoin are examples of this.

9)Online voice artist

If your voice is good at all then you can apply for it. You can simply record your voice saying some words, sentence dialogue and send to some companies who hold this jobs like in movies, series, serial, Tv shows and more you can get a chance to work with them if you are way families with your voice

10) Sell and Buy NFT

This wasn't way popular in back days. This recently got in frame. Due to some celebrate this was in frane. Basically NFT is a Non-Fungible Token where you can create your own and sell them in very reasonable price. Many people have become millioar night to night by doing this. In other hand this depends on luck. This is like an image you can create and sell them. 

Problems you may face while doing this

Doing such online work can also be for you side business/partime business but you can also make them as your full time business. It's not like you start working today and aspect to earn a lot of money next day. Yes, you may Earn alot of Money in one night or a day but it's depends on your luck but if you do your hard work it will definitely pay's off one day. You need to provide a reasonable time in orders to gain success in these. 

1) May Need an reasonable investment

2) Internet must be connected

3) Reasonable time

4) Depression

Let' know about it

1)May need an reasonable investment

Before you start a business you may need an investment too in online work to like to do online work you need a medium to work for it like: Mobile phone, Computer, ipad. You may need to invest some money in it. For ie: You are strating a YouTube channel for gaming caterogy you must need a gaming laptop, pc , chair , setup , good internet and so on.

2) Internet must connected

In order to work online you must have a internet connection in your working device. You can say this is also an investment you have to invest before starting a business. You can't Money online if there is no internet connection.

3) Reasonable time

Time is only one thing you can invest freely in anything. In order to earn money through online you must provide Reasonable time. For some people it may take less time and for some people it may take less. It's depends on your hardwork and dedication towards your work but it is fix oneday you will achieve your goal.

4) Depression

You may get depressed if you can't Earn Money Online. You provide your time, your hardwork, dedication still you are not getting sucess this might push you towards depression. If this happens then you should try different like your way of working, content you upload must be changed you will get sucess.

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